Saturday, March 29, 2014

Character Chat - Top Five Survival Buddies Part I

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to Character Chat! Today we are talking about the top five characters I would want to be my friends in case an apocalypse comes, or some other disastrous event. Now, because I love so many characters, I'm picking five guys and five girls to be my friends. If you want to see which are going to be my female friends, stay tuned for part II. For now, let's talk about the best guy friends a girl could ask for if the world was ending! As with all Character Chats, this list is limited to characters who I've read about in 2014. And, as an additional thing, these characters cannot be mentioned in my other list (Top Five Book Boyfriends). So, now that I've made things as difficult for myself as possible, let's get started.

If there was a disaster and I needed a few people to help me out, these are the guys I would choose...

I recently read (and loved!) Article 5, and Chase definitely proves he can manage and survive on the road. He's a strong character that's resourceful and loyal. I definitely think that Chase is a character I can't wait to read more of (Three, the final book in the trilogy, released recently so I can marathon the last two books) and I would hope Chase would be on the team. He would be a driver and helpful getting supplies.

Raffe is a badass angel who can fight. He and Penryn manage to survive and work really well together, so I think that he would be essential to this team. Raffe would be able to fend off any attackers, and he would also be able to hear anything and keep us all safe. If Chase is handling supplies, Raffe is the guard.

Survival is definitely Tarver's forte. I mean, if you've read TBS, that's what he and Lilac do the entire book. But Tarver would also be great because, even in the midst of the efforts to survive, he's still thoughtful, funny, and kind. Working with him would be good because we'd have a survival expert who is also still compassionate and helpful.

Cress (The Lunar Chronicles, #3)
 I love The Lunar Chronicles, and the characters are especially wonderful. Wolf is on this list because he is strong, helpful as a trainer, and also is sensitive to his surroundings. Plus, I love Wolf so I'm including him on this team. Thorne would be here too if he weren't already a book boyfriend!

Ok, Death would be the best guy to have on a survival, apocalypse team on two conditions- 1. if it is not the game that commences during the book (trying to avoid spoilers but if you've read you know what I'm talking about) 2. if it was said game, I would not be a contender in it. With that in mind, Death would be a fantastic team mate. He's got a freaking castle of supplies, luxury, and isolation so we would all be safe, very comfortable, and well supplied. Death's also a really great fighter, and we would be able to be sustainable, strong, defended, and able to just chill out and avoid whatever terrible thing is going on.

So, there is my list of characters I'd want with me in case the world was ending or something along those lines. Originally, this list started out as a 'Top Five Best Book Guy Friends' so like a best friends who are guys list, but once I saw who I'd put down for the first few, I thought this seemed much more fitting. Stay tuned for the girls who would be on this team, and for other Character Chats in general! Also, tell me your picks for this list if you want to down in the comments!

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  1. This is a very cool prompt, thanks for sharing!

  2. I want Tarver to help me survive...maybe he can keep me warm if it starts getting cold... I mean, yes his survival skills are amazing. Lol. I love him! And Chase and Wolf! With that group, you will most definitely survive the apocalypse.


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