Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Short Hiatus

Hello, everyone. I've been thinking awhile about blogging and creating more content, and lately my personal life and schedule have become so busy that I really feel like I haven't had enough time to put into my blogging. In doing so, I haven't loved what I've been posting, and that's really disappointing to me because sharing my love for books is the reason that I blog, and lately I feel like I've just been falling into a routine without actively loving creating new posts and coming up with ideas for the blog.

Basically, I'm taking a short, planned hiatus in order to take some time to balance everything, take a break and recharge. This time will be important for me to be able to take some time to think up new ideas for blogging without constantly feeling like I'm putting myself under pressure for creating new posts that I want to share weekly with you all.

As now is the beginning of July, this hiatus will only last a few months, and I will be back in September. I'm sure I'm going to miss blogging a lot- I already do, to be honest- but I need some time to not only focus on my other interests, but to have some time to allow my creativity to return more and be excited about the new ideas and posts I'm sharing.

If you've ever felt this way about blogging and you'd like to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments, feel free to do so, or send me an email. I'll see you all in September, and I will be back with more content and posts at that time.

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  1. Sometimes the best thing you can do is step away and regroup--and I know how hard that is. I go through phases where blogging is so much fun and then other times when it seems like a huge chore. And when it seemed like a chore, the best thing was to focus on something else until the itch to blog came back!

    Best wishes!


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