Friday, June 26, 2015

The Grand Finale - The First Half of 2015 Day 5

Today's installment of The First Half of 2015 is a little bit different in that it's going to be my top 5 picks for the category, similar to how I made the posts last year. Today, I'm sharing my top 5 favorites thus far in 2015. I've read some great novels so far in 2015, and I'm so excited to see what books are to come! In the mean time, I hope you've enjoyed following along with these posts, and without further ado here are my top 5 favorite reads of 2015 so far!

Day 5- Sharing my top 5 2015 favorites so far

Bonus! I thought I'd add in something I did at the end of The First Half of 2014 and bring up my top 5 covers of books I've read so far!

Bonus- Top 5 Covers of Books I've Read This Year
Frostfire by Amanda Hocking, the first in the Kanin Chronicles which are set after the events of the Trylle trilogy

I hope you've all enjoyed this series- I was really excited to bring this mini series back and take a look at how the first half of the year was in terms of reading for me. I hope you all enjoyed, if you'd like to let me know what books you've read and enjoyed so far in the year feel free to comment with your thoughts.

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