Friday, November 7, 2014

The Struggles and the Fun

One of the reasons I love blogging so much is how it is multidimensional. There's the creative aspect, such as coming up with blog posts and writing them, and then there's technical aspects, like formatting, scheduling, and of course there's the social aspect of talking with other bloggers, etc. So, while we're still celebrating Paper Worlds being around for a year, I wanted to share some of the things I love about blogging... and some of the not-so-fun stuff for me.

no. 1 - Formatting

I had some notes jotted down for how I wanted this post to go, and under cons I had written 'Formatting. Formatting is doom.' I think that can summarize my feelings on the subject. I'm still not very savvy about the technical details about posting, which is why my posts lack gifs and more fancy add ins (If you're good at that sort of thing by the way, help the technological beginner?) but just figuring out how to lay out a post just so, including any additional things, these are the minute details that are probably not my favorite part of blogging.

no. 2 - Coming up with blog posts
This can be a super fun thing for me, and sometimes it can be staring at a blank screen. Am I the only one who has those days when I can't type out the blog posts fast enough and then has days when I sit there for thirty minutes and only succeed in logging on? However, coming up with something new makes the whole process worthwhile.

no. 3 - Scheduling

This is how most of my blog posts happen. During one of those creative, write-all-the-posts days, I'll normally schedule things out from a week in advance to a month. That way, when I can't figure out what to write or get super busy, I know that the posts are still written and created.

no. 4 - Talking with bloggers, authors, and book people
My. Favorite. Part. This is why I joined the book blogosphere, and I don't regret it. Interacting with other bloggers, having readalongs, seeing others' amazing posts and reviews and commenting back and forth have all been absolutely wonderful experiences I've loved wholeheartedly. Blogging has been so wonderful because of this.

So, there are some different aspects of blogging and my thoughts on them. Thank you again to you all for making this such a fantastic experience thus far, and I hope you all are finding wonderful books! I'll see you next time.

From the paper world,


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