Monday, June 30, 2014

Strange Chemistry

Today I just wanted to write up a post to talk about Strange Chemistry. Strange Chemistry is a publisher that many of my must read books are a part of- I'm sure you've seen me talk about Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen as one of my most anticipated reads, and my most anticipated debut of the year, and after I read it, one of my favorites. I recently picked up another that I was really excited about, Feather Bound by Sarah Raughley, and I was also amazed by that book. Unfortunately, I was emailing a blogger friend (Rebecca over at The Library Canary) who told me that Strange Chemistry had shut down.

Strange Chemistry has published books that are truly unique. As a blogger, I can say that their books and stories stood out to me just from flipping through Listopias on Goodreads, finding debuts and books that I'd be interested in reading more about. I can honestly say that a lot of Strange Chemistry books were ones that got me excited and intrigued. The books themselves are fantastic quality as well-  little details ensure that these books are something special. I'm sort of in shock that this publisher is closing- it feels like I'd only just discovered how incredible they are and now they're gone. But I can say that these stories are still definitely amazing and should be told. A lot of Strange Chemistry authors are dealing with a lot of stress and shock from this. My heart goes out to you all, and as a reader I'm not giving up on discovering your stories; I cannot wait to hear more from the authors that have been a part of this group. 

The Library Canary also did a fantastic farewell post to Strange Chemistry that inspired me to share my own thoughts. She also calls for everyone to read these books and share the love for some awesome stories so that these fantastic authors can find a new publisher as well. I'll be posting my Feather Bound review shortly, and my Stolen Songbird is already on the blog, but I'll just say that those two books are both fantastic and entirely different from any I've read. Looking at multiple bookshelves and piles of books, that's saying something. 

So, Strange Chemistry, I miss you and your wonderful books already. I think I'll always treasure what I've read and found from your books. To the authors, I can't even imagine how difficult of a time this is for you. Your stories are wonderful and you're in my thoughts. 

From the paper world,


  1. Thanks for the mention! I am so going to miss them. :( They really did publish some of the most unique books I've ever read. I feel bad for the authors and all the people who worked for Strange Chem. Hopefully they all find new homes w/other publishing houses.

    1. Of course, your post was really thoughtful and it was what got me thinking about Strange Chemistry. I'm definitely going to miss them as well and they had such unique fantasy and science fiction premises and stories from what I'd seen and the two I'd read. Hopefully everything will work out for the Strange Chem people this must be such a stressful time.

  2. Sad they shut down but thanks for introducing me to a new set of books!

    1. Of course! Feather Bound and Stolen Songbird are the two I've read by them, but another I'm wanting to pick up is The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfarer, for example.


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