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2015 Challenges - Sign Ups and Goals

This year I'm excited to be signing up for several challenges. You can see my 2014 Challenge Wrap Up if you're curious about what challenges I did last year and how I did in those. I really enjoyed doing a lot of those challenges, and so I'm excited to share which challenges I want to do in the year 2015! Last year, I did a lot of posts sporadically as I found different challenges I'm interested in doing. This year, I wanted to combine all of my sign ups and goals into one post so that it's easier to see what challenges I'm doing. I'm being pretty ambitious with my challenge sign ups for the year, but there were a lot that I found would be fun and also challenge me to write more reviews and enjoy my reading.

2015 Goodreads Reading Challenge
My goal: Read 50 books
I completed my reading goal for 2014, which was 75 books, but I found that by the end of 2014 my reading was something I had a lot less time for, sadly. So, I'm hoping to set aside some time for reading every day in the midst of a busy schedule.

Challenge goal: Read and review 12 debut novels
This is a challenge I ended up not completing last year. I was disappointed about not completing the challenge, because there were a lot of 2014 debuts I was really excited to read and share my thoughts on. However, this coming year there are some great 2015 debuts that I will try to read and review, and hopefully I'll find some time to go back and read more of the 2014 debuts as well.

My goal: Amateur level (25-50 points)
I participated in this challenge last year and surpassed my goal. I really enjoyed doing this challenge while I was reading and continuing on with a lot of series I enjoyed. The points system is a fun addition as well. I think that aiming for the Amateur level is a reasonable goal because a lot of my favorite series are wrapping up this year, and I would like to go back and review a lot of books from earlier on in the series that I haven't reviewed in order to provide more of my thoughts on the books.

hosted by Bookish
My goal: A First Kiss level (21-30 reviews)
The Bookish TBR Pile Challenge is one that I really appreciate because it's so helpful in going through my TBR and reviewing those books. In addition, it's really helpful to keep in mind that non-new release books are interesting and on my TBR Pile too, and review those as well. I really enjoyed participating in the 2014 TBR Pile Challenge, so I'm excited to continue on. I'm going to be staying at the same level since last year I only had 23 reviews, but I'm hoping this year to get it even closer to 30 reviews.

My goal: read and review 5 fantasy novels
This is a new challenge, and it's something I'm really excited about. 2014 was a year when I saw a lot of people talk about fantasy novels they were reading and enjoying, and it made me more curious about reading more of the genre. I wanted to do that this year, but when I saw this challenge I knew it was the perfect opportunity. This looks like it's going to be so much fun! I'm only going to set the goal for 5 novels, because I'm not the biggest reader of fantasy novels. But, I'm hoping this challenge inspires me to read more fantasy novels. 

My goal: 3 re-reads and reviews
I'm keeping my goal for this newest challenge pretty low, since I've never re-read too many books but I want to try and re-read some books from series I'll be finishing this year, and then share my thoughts on those too, since I noticed I was missing some earlier reviews for some of the series I'm currently reading. 

hosted by My Reader's Block
My goal: Pike's Peak level (read 12 books)
I wanted to add this challenge because the goal is only to read books that have been on my TBR.  

Here are all the year-long challenges I'm planning on participating in this year. Let me know what challenges you're doing in the new year!

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