Monday, January 5, 2015

Favorite Books of 2014

So, I've already talked about favorite books a lot for 2014, but I thought I should just share all the books that I added to my Goodreads Favorites shelf during the year. For books that I started and finished in 2014, I added 25 books to my favorites, and ended up reviewing some of them so I'll include those links too, along with the review of the first book in the series if I've done so in case you haven't started the series yet. Without further ado, here are the books I read and added to my Favorites!

Started and Finished in 2014

I read Splintered in 2013, and loved it. Unhinged was a great sequel, and the final book in the trilogy, Ensnared, comes out in January of 2015!

This is a book that's intense and action packed and full of witty characters and and a fast paced story.

I did not review Cinder, book 1, or Scarlet, book 2, but I've linked their Goodreads

I did not review Shatter Me, book 1, or Unravel Me, book 2, but I've linked their Goodreads

I did not review Legend, book 1, or Prodigy, book 2, but I've linked their Goodreads

In addition, the book I was reading from the end of 2013 into the beginning of 2014 (I read the book from December 29, 2013 to January 5, 2014 according to my Goodreads) and so I wanted to include this book as well since I really enjoyed it and wasn't able to include it as a 2013 favorite.

These are some of the books I read and really enjoyed throughout the year, and the ones that I added to my Favorites. Let me know what some of your favorites were in the comments!

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  1. Incarnate, Scarlet, Cress, Anna are all books I have read and enjoyed. Many of these are on my to reads list.


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