Thursday, January 15, 2015

So I Was Reorganizing My Bookshelves

Recently, I began the process of reorganizing my bookshelves. While I was doing this, I somehow ended up taking a step back (knowing me, I probably tripped over a pile of books) and I looked up to the top shelf of each. This is the space I reserve for my favorite books. You know, the ones that really stayed with me, that I loved, that I took great pride in shelving in this space. And I thought about it, and how my Favorites shelf was filled with these great books, these series I had completed this year, and I thought "I want to try something different."

So, I ended up reorganizing my shelves in such a way that my favorites from this past year aren't really on my favorites shelf anymore and there are these new gaps on the shelf where my favorites used to be. And I couldn't be more excited to have those there, because to me it's space for all the favorites I'm going to find throughout 2015. My 2014 favorites and 2014 reads are definitely still ones I love, but I wanted to go into 2015 with the view that there are books to discover in the new year that I'll love and want to have as favorites, and so I didn't want to feel like I would have to pick and choose between the new and the old. (If you can't tell, I'm a little persnickety about my bookshelf organization.) 

The books I've kept on my favorites shelf are ones that have sequels coming out in 2015 I'm really excited for (like Splintered by A.G. Howard, for example), ones that have sequels already out that I've yet to read but are excited for (such as Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers), and one or two all time favorite series (I am definitely referring to Harry Potter among others here). So, I know it's sort of a random thing to discuss on the blog, but when I reorganize my shelves I like to take the time to make sure I like where everything is, that the books are organized just so, and I like this idea of making space for new favorites. 

So, now I want to know about how you like to organize your bookshelves, whether you have any particular tips for organizing bookshelves, if you have a shelf for your favorites, etc. I really enjoy reorganizing my bookshelves, so I hope this little tidbit gave some insight into how I go about doing this (and why it takes me forever to reorganize my shelves). Hope you all are having a good year so far, and see you next time!

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  1. I have zero tips for organizing bookshelves. Mine are in disarray. I try to fix them and make them all pretty, but then I get more books and it gets all messed up again. Plus I'm out of space so I currently have stacks of books just laying around my apartment. On the floor. On the dining room table. It's out of control. I love the idea of making room for new favorites!

  2. i love reorganizing my shelves but my problem is that my sister and I both have our books mixed up on there so it is hard for each of us to organize based on our own favorites XD

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  3. I organize my shelf two ways. First I have the adult books together and the YA books together. Adult books I organize by size. Mass market paperbacks to hardcovers. This is kind of annoying because I don't have the same edition for some series but I like the way it looks. Then for my YA books I organize them by genre. A section for fantasy, historical fiction, dystopia, contemporary, etc. I'm not totally married to the idea but it keeps the different series together which is nice.

    This is a great topic. I always want to reorganize my shelves. I say when you're organizing books, just do what looks the most aesthetically pleasing. That's what I try to do.


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