Friday, December 5, 2014

Some Favorite Reads

Today I wanted to talk about some of the bookish things I’ve been loving, from books to characters. So, I wanted to talk about the past few months, specifically from August to November. I’ll be doing end of the year wrap ups and such this month (already getting excited!) but since I haven’t been reading as much these past few months, I thought this would be a good way to catch up and share some of the bookish things I’ve loved recently, and if this is something that you all enjoy, I can start doing them periodically to talk a little bit about my reading and what I've been enjoying. 

Books Added to my “Favorites” Shelf
Ok, it seems a little bit strange to only have had one book to add to favorites. But, 1 out of 6 is alright, and as I’m writing this I’m reading a book that I totally love and might end up adding to my favorites shelf as things go on. But back to Jellicoe Road. Jellicoe Road is a book that I’ve wanted to review ever since I read it, but it’s so hard to put my feelings into the book into words. The characters are so incredibly complex and well written, and I honestly appreciate all of the thought and symbolism and meaning put into the novel. Truly incredible.

Characters I Love
Since the last mini segment was a little paltry, here are my favorite characters from each of the books I read from August- November 25th.
Overall, I think my favorite characters (as in, loved most or all of the characters in the book) was probably Jellicoe Road. I think the most interesting ensemble of characters is definitely from Brazen. 

Favorite Setting

Brazen by Katherine Longshore - 16th century Tudor England

There's a quick look at my reading the past few months! I'll be back soon with several tags I've been meaning to post, as well as more fun end of the year posts!

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