Thursday, April 9, 2015

Paranormal - A Week of Recommendations

We're almost to the end of A Week of Recommendations! I hope you all have been enjoying this series so far! Towards the end of this week, I wanted to talk about some genres that I've loved a lot in the past and enjoyed reading, and share some recommendations with you all. Paranormals are a genre that I read a lot of and enjoyed in the past. I haven't been reading as many lately, but I definitely had some recommendations I wanted to share with you all.

no. 1 - Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins
Rebel Belle is a really entertaining book. This has some of the best character interactions and witty banter that I've read, and I really enjoyed reading about Harper and how she handles being thrown into a different world. She's funny, unique, and memorable, and I think her and David are some of the funniest characters I read in 2014.

no. 2 - Poison Princess by Kresley Cole
I think this is a series that's hard to classify, but it's a paranormal post-apocalyptic tale. This is a series with plot twists and turns set in a supernatural version of our world. Also this is a series that is longer (I think right now there's at least four books?) but each book is a quick read and draws you into the story quickly.

no. 3 - The Iron King by Julie Kagawa
This is a faerie series that I really loved reading several years ago. This was a great paranormal series to me because it combined the elements of the protagonist being from the ordinary world and suddenly being thrown into a magical and unpredictable situation. The world Julie Kagawa created has a lot of intrigue and mystery that comes with being set in a faerie world, and the series is one I remember reading and loving.

no. 4 - Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini
This was a more recent read for me, and it had a lot of mythology meets modern day elements. I was definitely thinking of doing a review for this book and continuing on with the series, so let me know if you all would be interested in a full review for the book or a Series in Summation, which is one review with short reviews of each book in the series. Anyways, this is an enjoyable read that is a great start to a series!

no. 5 - Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce
This is a book that's a Little Red Riding Hood retelling, but definitely a change in the story. It focuses on two sisters and how they hunt werewolves.

Here's another day of A Week of Recommendations! Let me know what your recommendations are, and I'll see you all next time!

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  1. I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT REBEL BELLE!! oh my goodness. i need to red sisters red I've had it on my shelf for so long!

    1. I totally forgot about The Coldest Girl in Cold Town! And Sisters Red is amazing- it's a paranormal retelling, so I think you'll really enjoy it.


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