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Booktube to Blogspot- How I Read Tag

Whenever I pull up Youtube, nothing makes me happier than seeing a ton of new Booktube videos. So, I thought we could bring some of that Booktube love to the blog here and start doing tags. My Sister Blog Sunny of Stardust and Words is doing the same, so expect some Tag Collaborations and some more fun to come from the both of us. She actually just did the Bump in the Night Tag (I'll link below) and I was going to do something along those lines, but then I saw the 'How I Read Tag' on Youtube. I checked out the questions and fell in love! So, without further ado, welcome to the How I Read Tag.


no. 1
How do you find new books to read?
Well, I have a very detailed and well thought out process for choosing books. Ok, scratch that. I find new books anywhere and everywhere. Probably my favorite method has been how I've found books since I was first starting to read. It's the classic- walk into the book store, gaze at the shelves, select a book, read through, and try them out. Typically, I'll make myself comfortable for awhile and read the first chapter of each book I'm considering. Then, the Internet is another great source for finding books. Paper Worlds is to help you all find new books and talk about our favorites, but I love checking out other book blogs too to get some ideas, and check out Goodreads and the Booktube community as well. Ultimately, I prefer to go and check out the book myself and see what I think. 

no. 2
How did you get into reading?
I can remember toddling into a local bookstore when I was really young and reading the Biscuit book series. It was my childhood. I was reading constantly and always loved it. I remember reading all these series that I'd fallen in love with. It was my favorite thing to do, and here we are today. :)

no. 3
How has your taste in books changed as you've gotten older?
When I was younger, I loved getting into series and longer books. I started reading chapter books by kindergarten, and I always loved fiction. However, I really did enjoy nonfiction too, and I remember loving the Magic Tree House books for the history and reading actual nonficiton as well. The next big change was when I got into YA and I really fell in love with YA. I still love it, and YA is my favorite genre, but lately I've also branched out. I'll read some adult books and I'll read some children as well (currently, I'm reading Percy Jackson, but last month one of my favorites was The Night Circus) and I love reading the different genres and types because it's just even more books to discover and I love it.

no. 4
How often do you buy books?
Too often. I have a TBR pile I need to get through, and I have themed TBRs so that means the books get shifted around, but I also end up picking up new books for the month or just because I love reading books, and I love buying books.

no. 5
How did you get into Booktubing (we are going to substitute book blogging here)?
Well, I've loved reading book blogs for years, and I loved that everyone could come together and talk all about our books. So, after gushing about books to people I already knew, I realized that I wanted to share my book love with other people as well. That's the great thing about book blogging, I can share my book love and I can hear from you guys as well. So, the how is just a matter of my signing up. Also, I got into watching Booktube because of polandbananasbooks, Christine.

no. 6
How do you react when you don't like the end of a book?
That's the worst. I've had books that I've loved, with awesome and relatable characters and a great plot, only to be let down by the ending. It can definitely kill the feel of a book, but I try to separate my disappointment from the ending from the rest of the book. It can still be a good book, just with a so-so ending. So, I definitely won't reread the book, but I try to remember the good parts that I really enjoyed and not let a bad ending totally ruin a book for me. Also, since it's just my opinion, I want to give a fair review of all the aspects of the book that I like or dislike, so I don't let the things I dislike overwhelm my opinion of the book as a whole.

no. 7
How often have you taken a sneaky look at the back page of a book to see if it's a happy ending?
I honestly can't do this- I'm the sort where the journey is just as important as the end goal, and I would never want to spoil myself. I think the only time I did that was when I was reading 1984 years ago and the blurb said the last four words were life changing and so I checked the last four words. And it made absolutely no sense. So no, I do not check the ending.

no. 8
How many people are you going to tag, and who are they?
Well, I wasn't tagged, so I go along with the philosophy if you want to  do a tag, do it regardless of if you're tagged. But, Sunny I'm definitely thinking this tag might be up your alley! And to everyone else, the tag is a ton of fun, so try it out!

Phew! And there's our first Booktube to Blogspot tag- hope you enjoy!

P.S.- Check out Sunny's Bump in the Night Tag on her blog!

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