Monday, May 26, 2014

'Monthly Book Hauls' and Other Thoughts on book buying and book buying bans

So, I haven't really given my discussion posts a series name, and that's just because of how sporadic they are and how I write them really defies a specific category beyond 'random discussions'. Today I'm talking about book buying, book hauls, and book bans.

A lot of my blogging is influenced by Booktube, because I was a Booktube subscriber and viewer long before I was a book blogger. However, I am extremely proud of being a book blogger and being a part of that community. It just happens that some of what I saw in Booktube I tried for my blog. Book hauls are some of my favorite Booktube videos to watch, and I go through periods of just wanting to see what everyone's getting/excited about. Lately, I've been doing monthly hauls and linking them to Tynga's Reviews's Stacking the Shelves feature. However, all of the book buying and like I've seen lately has been a little thought-provoking, and I thought I'd share with you all.

To begin with, in the past I've had pretty large book hauls. I think March was probably my record, and that book haul is definitely extensive. April as well, but towards the mid/end of April I noticed that my book buying habits had slowed down noticeably, basically to the point of being non existent. I walked into a bookstore, and walked out without any new additions to the TBR pile. That's pretty surprising, since normally at a book store I want to pick up books. So, how has my book buying changed? Well, I've gotten a lot of books lately that I'm excited about reading, and so I've been less likely to buy new ones. Sure, there are some new releases off my Can't Wait list I might pick up if I see them, and there are always books I could buy, but I haven't felt the need to buy any. Maybe it's the size of my TBR pile, but I honestly think I'm just content with what I've got. And that's a great feeling.

Now, will I still buy books? Yes, probably, if I see something that I really want to pick up. But it's not as if I have a huge list of books that I must buy immediately, and having those particular books is my top priority. I don't feel like I'm in a book buying frenzy. 

However, I'm not on a book buying ban, nor do I think those would work well for me. If I were to do a book buying ban, I would just want to buy books all the more, and it would end badly. As in, the moment the ban was over I'd buy more than I would have if I'd avoided a ban. Also, as I mentioned in my last discussion, I'm a mood reader, and sometimes there's a new release that I really want. So, here are some of the ways I've been limited in my book buying without going on a ban.

I've pre-ordered a few books lately. Personally, I'm not the type to pre-order a huge number of books, so pre-ordering a few gives me something to be anticipating without the need to go to the bookstore and buy a huge number for myself. Instead, I know something I'm really looking forward to is coming.

-have a can't wait list
These are the new releases, debuts, and sequels coming out that I'm really excited for. I'll probably end up picking up most of these, but it's easier to limit them on a Goodreads list before they are actually published than it is once I randomly hear about all the new books coming out. For me, being aware of the new releases and picking out the ones I'm really excited for helps avoid buying a bunch of books at once.

-exploring your TBR pile
Sometimes, I forget about all of the other wonderful books I have to read on my TBR pile in favor of the newer books I'll purchase. But that's a habit that I've fallen out of recently. I've been pulling books from my TBR, and enjoying discovering something that I picked up awhile ago.

-readalongs and readathons
Sure, nowadays most readalongs are for new release books. But, I participated in the Reboot Readalong, which was hosted by Epic Reads in celebration of the sequel coming out. I had Reboot on my shelves, I saw the readalong info, and I decided it was time to get it off of my TBR and into my currently-reading. Readalongs give you the opprotunity to read some books you might have on your shelf. And readathons, like the ever popular Bout of Books, are exciting because they give you the opportunity to read a bunch of books instead of buying them.

-the library
Ok, I have the worst record at returning books on time. I don't think I ever have before to be honest. They're always late. For me, this option doesn't work as well because two weeks to read books I'm not even sure I'll be in the mood to read in, in addition to a huge TBR pile I already have, makes going to the library not as viable of an option. However, once the TBR pile has diminished, this is an excellent resource.

My book buying has genuinely diminished over the past bit of time. I think I'm just content with the books I have, there are a few must buys waiting on pre-order, and I'm not trying to ban myself from anything. So, this system is working pretty well for me.

What are your thoughts on book buying? Have you ever done a book buying ban? 

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  1. I think you being content is a wonderful feeling. I like to lower down on the unread books we own before we buy any new ones. I don't think I will ever be the type of person that has lots of unread books sitting around. I have quite a few as it is right now.


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