Thursday, June 18, 2015

Me Reading Longer Books

So, you might have seen a discussion post about long books before. However, today I wanted to share my take on reading longer books. For me, this is typically when reading an adult fantasy novel. I've read some pretty long books over the years (I looked back on my Goodreads and one of my longest novels read that I'd recorded on there was 725 pages and that was City of Heavenly Fire), but lately when I picked up novels like A Game of Thrones of Outlander, I've noticed a trend.

After about 400 or 500 pages in, I'll put the book down and pick up another. It's not like I do this on purpose, it's just after that time I end up picking up another book, start reading them both at the same time, and then eventually continue on with the other book. Then I try to go back and read on with the longer book. I'm not saying I'm a fan of reading this way- honestly I want to read these series with longer books. For some reason, I just end up reading bigger books as several installments of 400 or 500 pages each.

How do you all read longer books? Do you read them at once, while reading several books, or like I do?

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  1. For me personally, longer books are intimidating and tend to sit on my shelf for longer than other ones! But when I do finally get into the super long stories, I end up getting so sucked in that I have to finish, which usually means sleepless nights for me!

    ALSO Vi I nominated you for the Liebster Award because of course your blog is one of my favorites! Give it a look if you'd like!


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