Friday, June 12, 2015

Behind the Scenes - How I Write "A Series in Summation" Reviews

Welcome to Paper Worlds and Swirls of Ink! I've been talking lately about "Behind the Scenes" and how I write certain posts and series here on the blog. I started this back in May with a post on How I Write Discussion Posts, in which I shared how my discussion post writing tends to be quite random. My "A Series in Summation" posts, on the other hand, are a completely different type of blogging entirely for me so I thought it would be interesting to feature that as my next post.

A Series in Summation are posts where I review the entire series of books all in one quick post. I share a briefer review on each novel, comparing the overall series while still talking about each individual book. I really enjoy writing these, because I don't tend to read every book in a series back to back, but writing these posts gives me a chance to look over the entire series.

Now, there are a few different ways I'll write these posts. The first is when I have a series I haven't read some of the books in for awhile, such as my recent one on The Princesses of Westfalin trilogy. But what I've started to do lately is a little different.

If the entire series has been published and I know that I'll probably end up picking up the other novels soon, and also I have some thoughts on the first novel but want to write A Series in Summation post, I'll write a mini review for the first novel, save it as A Series in Summation, and then add to it as I read the other novels. This system will allow me to not only have a few more A Series in Summation reviews (which I think are convenient because it allows me to share my thoughts of the entire series cohesively and also because my reviews for the entire series are all in one post), and at the same time will ensure the reviews are current and detailed reviews.

So, there's my behind the scenes on A Series in Summation. Very rarely, I have read series back to back, but I'm trying to keep with this new system if I want to write A Series in Summation reviews for it. Other times, I have so much to say I end up reviewing each novel independently, but honestly I like writing A Series in Summation because it gives me a chance to not only reflect on the novel, but on the series as a whole.

I hope you all enjoyed reading a bit more about my blogging, and if you'd like to see another "Behind the Scenes" post, let me know. I'll be back soon with another post next week!

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