Thursday, January 2, 2014

Reading Challenges - 2014 Prequel & Sequel Challenge

Welcome back to another episode of joining a ton of reading challenges for 2014! Looking at the books I want to read this year, all of the challenges I've been signing up for have really been fitting my TBR perfectly. This particular challenge is The 2014 Prequel & Sequel Challenge. This is yet another challenge I heard about through Elizziebooks and although I keep linking her Youtube channel when I mention her, I actually heard about these blog. This challenge is going to complement my participation in the TBR Pile Challenge and some prequel novellas for the 2014 debuts I'm reading for the Debut Author Challenge. (If you're curious about any of those, the buttons are in the sidebar, and clicking on those takes you directly to the sign ups) I'm still a little uncertain about the scoring details, but I've linked the sign ups so you can read them as well. Regardless, this will definitely be the cause of quite a few Series in Summations that will be coming to you guys this year. I'm really excited about that because I like writing those features, but didn't think I'd be able to in light of my other challenges. 

Now, let's talk about some details. Since this is yet another challenge I'm adding to my TBR, I'm only aiming for the lowest level. 10-25 points is Newbie. 
The reason I'm adding yet another challenge to my list is twofold. The first is that it won't be a huge addition to my other challenges. Many sequels I'm looking forward to are pre 2014, which fulfills my 2014 TBR Pile Challenge. The reviews for both will probably overlap a lot of the times. Now, for the Debut Authors Challenge, I have several prequel novellas I'm planning on reading that came out in 2013 (2014 TBR Pile Challenge worthy), is a prequel (this challenge), and will lead me into their full length novel debuts coming out this year (2014 Debut Authors Challenge). So, there we have it. I'm going to at least attempt to do this as well.
The second part of the reason is delivering new content. Book reviews are something I really want to continue expanding on in this blog- I've always loved reading reviews and writing some of my own. The method to surviving the madness that is all of these attempted challenges is going to be in my tagging system. It's going to be a little bit inconsistent while I work out the best system of organization to be able to link up all of the reviews in the host blog's monthly wrap ups. Please be patient with me as I try to discover the best way to tag and organize everything. It may make some searches difficult, but any book reviews can be found under their titles and reading review, so that can help with searching. 
I was thinking about the three challenges I'm planning on doing this year, and I realized things are working out perfectly. Essentially, virtually any book I read this year, if/when I review it, will be eligible for one of these challenges. Was it published before this year? Eligible for TBR Pile Challenge and P & S. Publish this year? Possibly a Debut or P & S. New author? Depends on publication year, but TBR or Debut. Old author? Potentially TBR or P & S. There are a few exceptions of course, but I think this will lead to my being motivated to do a lot of reading reviews. So, with that in mind, I am really excited to be doing these, even though I'm nervous about doing so many challenges!
That's what I'm planning on doing this year. No more challenges, I'm done signing up and potentially overwhelming myself. What are you doing this year?
And yes, in retrospect, it would have been much more orderly for me to write out all my challenges in a singular post about '2014 Reading Challenges'. But where's the fun in organization? Joking. In all honesty, I made these posts as I found out about these challenges, so I have the buttons organized in the sidebar.

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