Friday, May 8, 2015

April 2015 - Looking Back

In case you missed the several delayed Looking Back posts, I've been dreadfully behind on posting monthly wrap up posts. So, welcome to April 2015 Looking Back! (Aka Violet's trying to get back onto a schedule for posting...) Anyways! April was a very busy month, with a little bit of travel and hectic to-do lists making for the month to go by very quickly. I still ended up reading several books, so I thought I would share those, talk about some posts, and more!

My Reads:
4.5 Stars
*a new favorite!*
You can read my review of The Winner's Curse here.

The Winner's Crime by Marie Rutkoski, the sequel to The Winner's Curse
4 Stars
*a new favorite!*
You can read my review of The Winner's Crime here.

Underworld by Meg Cabot, the sequel to Abandon
3.5 Stars

My Posts:
This is a new feature I'm doing with Sunny of These Stardust Words, and we had a lot of fun sharing our thoughts.
A discussion post about a book I read and loved recently and how it's inspired me to start reading more fantasy novels!
A Week of Recommendations:
This is a series I did featuring a different genre or genres of book every day with my recommendations for each.

My Reviews:

Posts I've Loved:
There are a ton of posts that I've been reading and loving more and more because I've been reading more posts on Bloglovin' lately, so I have a full and detailed list on my Bloglovin' that you can check out (here's a link to my Bloglovin' collections), and since there's over 20 posts saved on that list alone, I didn't think there'd be a very efficient way to share them in a wrap up post. If you guys would like me to pick a few randomly from my favorites posts I've read monthly collections that I think I'm going to start doing, let me know, or I'll link Paper Worlds and Swirls of Ink and my own Bloglovin' so you can check those out as well.

There's my April 2015 Looking Back post! I'm trying to think of features or ways to expand on this a little, so if you have any ideas please let me know. Also, reviews of both The Winner's Curse and The Winner's Crime are posted on the blog (linked above), and for Underworld I was thinking about reading the third book and then doing A Series in Summation review of the entire trilogy. I'll be back soon with another post, and thank you for stopping by!

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  1. just ordered my copy of the winner's curse, so hopefully i'll be starting those books soon! :) love this post


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