Sunday, December 1, 2013

December TBR?

A December TBR, you say? There is no December TBR! Trust me, I'm still going to be reading; I can't remember a time I'm not reading one story or another. But I'm not setting a TBR for this month, and I do have some amount of reasoning in this idea of mine.
Firstly, I tend to think of December and June as time to clean out the old TBR pile. I don't like having so many books pile up that I feel overwhelmed, so giving myself two freebie months a year I will be able to manage it somewhat better. Secondly, it's the holidays! And, since I am a little bit of a book lover, I get many different books and gift cards for books. So, I have a pretty big influx of literature coming my way, and some of these books are going to be ones I'll want to read immediately. With that in mind, I've decided that from now on, December and June will be 'Pile Months' which basically means it's a free-for-all pick as I may from the TBR pile and whatever books I'm getting. I do love the challenge of scheduling TBRs and coming up with themes to read; we've got some awesome TBRs coming in 2014, but I also really love just finding a book, grabbing it, and starting to read. This way Paper Worlds and Swirls of Ink can have the best of both. So, this month's wrap up will be a little bit of a mystery for us all, won't it? Stay tuned, and enjoy your reading this month too!

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